Pooyie! 06.10.2009

We’re ragin’ for some Cajuns. Two bright spots in the UL Lafayette sports firmament got the props they deserve last weekend in the Superdome when they were honored as the state’s top male and female amateur athletes for 2008. Former Cajun super-star running back Tyrell Fenroy and stand-out Lady Cajun pitcher Ashley Brignac left the dome with the annual Corbett Award, presented by the Greater New Orleans Sports Hall of Fame. Fenroy finished at UL in 2008 as the leading rusher in Louisiana college football history, one of only seven rushers in NCAA history to gain at least 1,000 yards each of his four seasons. Brignac, as a doe-eyed freshman, led the softball team to the College World Series last year. Now if a deserving Fenroy can hook on with an NFL team, this story will be complete.

An ugly track record for vandals in Lafayette got uglier recently. Persons unknown — teenage boys, presumably, or 20-something physical therapists — scaled the fence at Northside High Viking Stadium and went on a tear, literally. The vandals hopped aboard a forklift, which was on site (with the key in the ignition) as part of an upgrade to the track, and tore up said track. They then proceeded to drive said forklift through the fence, abandon it, and then break into a school building and ransack the joint. Twenty-five thousand dollars in damages later, it’s a safe bet these persons unknown didn’t get much education when school was in session.

What numbskull leaves the keys in the ignition of a forklift parked outside a high school?! Hello? Can you say vandal magnet? Why not just leave the machine idling near a big, flashing marquee: FORKLIFT WITH KEY IN IGNITION! MUST GO! We’re certain it was an honest oversight, Mr. Forklift Operating Couillon Guy, but when that oversight leads to a 40th of a million dollars in damage, it’s a costly one. When you leave the job site and remove your hard hat, put your thinking cap on, buddy.