Party Girl

Party Girl 06.10.09

The class of Leadership Lafayette XXI recently gathered together to bid adieu to one of its esteemed classmates, Jeff Johnson. A combat engineer in the Marines, Johnson has been called back to active duty in Afghanistan. Hosting the surprise lunch gathering was classmate Joe Zanco, and it was held in the training room of Home Bank on Kaliste Saloom where he is employed. The room was festively adorned in red, white and blue decorations, and Olive Garden delivered delicious Italian cuisine to the party. Party Girl hopes that Jeff has a successful tour of duty and wishes him a safe return to his friends and family.

Leadership Lafayette XXI: (front row)  Babette Warner,
Elise Boucher, Jeff Johnson, Lori Broussard, Sarah Berthelot and Katie Ferguson; (back) Jean-Paul Coussan, Emily Babineaux,Kallie Sere, Patricia Parks, Trey Speyer, Josh Chamblin, Cathy Bergeaux, Keith Patin, Joe Zanco, Boyd Hoyt and Aimee Landry

Jeff Johnson as he walks into his surprise party

Boyd Hoyt, Josh Chamblin and Jean-Paul Coussan

Babette Warner, Lori Broussard and Katie Ferguson

Aimee Landry, Patricia Parks and Emily Babineaux

Sarah Berthelot, Kally Sere and Elise Bouchner

Trey Speyer and Cathy Bergeaux