Nathan Stubbs

Hurricane Chris in da House

by Nathan Stubbs

Look out Darrell Bourque, there’s a new poet taking the Louisiana Legislature by storm. The spring legislative session "rapped" up Thursday with 20-year-old Shreveport wordsmith Hurricane Chris in the House with his new hit single “Halle Berry (she’s fine).” The godson of Shreveport state Rep. Barbara Norton, Hurricane Chris (who you might know from his 2007 album “51/50 Ratchet” or his popular mixtape “Louisi-Animal”) was honored on the House floor yesterday with a legislative proclamation commending him on his successful career. Hurricane Chris then took center stage. “I wanna give y’all a taste of one of my new songs,” Chris said before launching into an edited version of “Halle Berry”. Video of the performance has been sweeping the Internet and stirring up some controversy due to the song’s explicit lyrics. Here it is, your Louisiana Legislature gettin' down: