Letters to the Editor

All quiet on the hotdog front

From the command bunker at Fire Base Dawg, I am pleased to report a cessation of hostilities in this sector. It came close, but the deployment of RPGs, mortars, and bee hive rounds at point blank range was not necessary.

After two days in a row of morning assaults on my perimeter, the push car vendor in question apparently figured that violating an ordinance for a third day in a row was not a smart maneuver. I have no problem with good old fashioned competition, but we must all obey the laws and ordinances that keep the push cart scene from being a fiasco.

My business was built on the premise that customers respond favorably to being treated courteously, and to getting a good, fresh, cooked-to-order, attractive product at a fair price. At the Grateful Dawg, your food is served by a friendly mess sergeant with gratitude (of course!), and a hearty “thank you for your business!” Your order will not be shoved at you begrudgingly by a surly rude person.

The Dawg is in this for the long haul. I do not just come out for special events, but consistently show up every weekday, rain or shine. By the way, the G-2 reports that the Dawg now sets up its Friday and Saturday night perimeter outside Old Vogue Costume Shop a block up Jefferson.