Party Girl

Party Girl 07.01.09

Newlyweds Jim and Danielle Keaty

Christian Touchet and Kelly Ortego dancing it up

Yvette Quantz and “Holly Golightly,” aka Amanda Bedgood

“Queen of the Nile,” aka Monique Mier

Naomi Celestine and Jay Culotta as “Rhett” and “Scarlett”

“Doris Day,” aka Lisa Hanchey, and Doil Robinson channeling Jules from “Pulp Fiction”

“Marilyn Monreaux,” aka Rose Hoffman Cormier

“T- Birds” Brennan Leblanc, Tommy Hebert and Greg Mier

Lisa Parks, Karin Broussard, Doil Robinson

Lou Patin, Woman of the Year

Nadine Mier, one of “The Pink Ladies,” and Lady of the Year  “Sandy,” aka Nicole Hebert

Faith House recently held its annual fundraiser, the Queen’s Gala, honoring a couple of outstanding women in our community. Held at St. Thomas More, the fundraiser had a Hollywood theme this year, complete with a red carpet and some familiar faces from cinema. Honoree for Woman of the Year was Lou Patin, dressed as Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz,” and Lady of the Year Nicole Hebert, decked out as Sandy from “Grease.” The guests dressed up in their best cocktail attire or as their favorite Hollywood icons. Party Girl’s personal favorites were cold-blooded hit man turned evangelist Jules Winnfield from “Pulp Fiction” fame and delightful ingénue Holly Golightly from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” complete with tiara and the iconic black shift dress. There was also an endless amount of entertainment at the event, with Rex Moroux’s band playing at one end of the room and DJ Jamie Knight at the other as everyone boogied. Marilyn Monreaux (aptly played by Rose Hoffman Cormier) shimmied around the crowd to liven everyone up. When taking breaks from all the dancing, guests participated in a silent auction and ate delicious Italian food from Carrabba’s.