Leslie Turk

SLEMCO raising rates

by Leslie Turk

Citing the need for system repairs due to hurricane damage last year, SLEMCO is asking the Public Service Commission to approve a rate hike it hopes will generate about $7.7 million. SLEMCO has some 94,000 customers in the Acadiana market; the average increase is about $2.68 a month for two years, the time needed to repair hurricane damage and elevate power substations in low-lying flood-prone areas, The Advocate reported today. The newspaper also noted:

About $5.2 million would be used to elevate electric substations in lower Vermilion Parish, and the remainder would cover repairs after hurricanes Gustav and Ike that were not reimbursed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, according to information from the company.

SLEMCO plans to elevate substations in Erath, Esther and Cow Island to a level 5 feet above the highest flood surge seen in those areas in recent years, said George Fawcett, director of governmental affairs for SLEMCO.

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