Letters to the Editor


For me here are the two worst and most ridiculous statements made about the war in Iraq:

No. 1: You can't support the troops unless you support the war.

This is one of those foolish statements heard on talk radio that people accept without looking at the facts or taking the time to think about what they really believe. They hear something a radio talk show host says and think, "That sounds good. That's what I believe too."

I think the war in Iraq should be called "Bush's Blunder." And please do not doubt the fact that I look at every soldier in uniform as my own son or daughter. I support the troops to the point that I do not want them prosecuted for anything they do while in harm's way. We put young men and women, many of whom have never been away from home before, into a combat situation and expect them to act like they were in Sunday school! Instead of putting these Americans in prison for defending our freedom we should give them the finest psychological counseling this country has to offer along with the thanks of a grateful nation for serving our nation in the first place. Do not put them in prison for making a mistake in judgment in the heat of battle. Yes, I support the troops! Do you?

No. 2: The Iraq war is nothing like the Vietnam war because we now have an all-volunteer army.

I heard President Bush himself make this statement. What a magnificently stupid comment. There is no cause and effect in that statement. He might as well have said that the Iraq war is not like the Vietnam war because the sky is blue or the grass is green. This statement made by the president is an insult to our troops. The president may as well have said only the troops who were drafted have value and that with our current all-volunteer army, we do not need to use discretion in sending these solders into harm's way.

Mr. President, the Iraq war is exactly like the Vietnam war, and you learned nothing from it!