Letters to the Editor


Since you talked about the state of the Louisiana Republican Party in your "Commentary" this week ("Chinks in the Armor," Aug. 8), I wanted to add something about Bobby Jindal. He has recently launched his ad campaign for governor, stressing over and over the ethics reform he wants to bring to Louisiana. Yet, less than three years ago while in the House of Representatives, Jindal voted in favor of a bill, sponsored by Tom DeLay, that would weaken ethics rules reporting for the House of Representatives. Weaken, not strengthen! Has he had a change of heart? Or is this just a move to get votes? Questions like this and others need to be asked of Mr. Jindal. He has only agreed to take part in one of the debates this fall with the other candidates. Why is this? If Jindal expects to be elected governor, he needs to explain himself fully to the citizens of this state.