Mary Tutwiler

"Dollar" Bill Jefferson's diet his downfall

I finally understand what’s wrong with “Dollar” Bill Jefferson. Graft, shmaft, that’s par for the course for Louisiana politicians. It’s not nepotism, not shakedowns, kickbacks or influence peddling. It’s what’s in his freezer. Did I say anything about cash? Nah. It took former Times of Acadiana editor David Kurtz, (from the days when Independent publisher Steve May still owned the Times), now a commentator for Talking Points Memo, to point out the really offensive stuff in Jefferson’s ice box. Here’s Kurtz:

What would probably have ended Jefferson’s political career immediately was another thing he kept in that freezer of his: veggie burgers. It’s a culinary scandal! You can’t live in Louisiana, with the most deliciously rich and complex cuisine in the country, and stock up on Boca Burgers. It’s not just the act of eating veggie burgers which is such a disgrace, but to make room in your freezer requires tossing out things like gumbo, shrimp, speckled trout, crawfish and all the other delicacies that overflow from a Louisiana freezer.

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