Letters to the Editor


Awesome, awesome, awesome!

I never had a chance to meet Boozoo Chavis, but I love his music, his since of integrity and his in-your-face attitude ("Don't You Worry About Boozoo," July 5). I also tend to agree wholeheartedly with his views on zydeco and Cajun music and their direction. Thanks for sharing this interview.

I shared it with Step Rideau, an acclaimed zydeco musician who learned from Boozoo, and the two of us laughed and cried. We felt we were having a candid conversation with a legend.

The interview touches on so many topics and paints a perfect picture of Boozoo and what he stood for. We've been reminded of a true legend, the best in zydeco, who kept the tradition up and wouldn't allow it to be turned around. He's Boozoo, that's who. It's his music, and he's right, "Some people ain't going to let them forget."