Walter Pierce

Hubtown TEA group forms company

by Walter Pierce

What began as a “grassroots” conservative movement is now a limited liability company. The Tea Party of Lafayette announced at a July 8 town hall meeting the group — an outcropping of the nationwide TEA (Taxed Enough Already) movement that held rallies on April 15 — has received LLC status and will soon elect officers and a board of directors.

The Tea Party of Lafayette is coordinating its causes with the Tea Party of Louisiana and other conservative groups, which, according to a memo distributed via e-mail to members, will allow TP-Lafayette to “have a stronger and more dynamic presence in the political arena.” A major focus of TP-Louisiana, according to the group’s Web site, is opposition to cap and trade legislation and, attendant to that, the “Global Warming Hoax.”

On the Tea Party of Louisiana Web site one can view several videos, including an almost two-hour high-def video titled “The Obama Deception” that opens with forboding music over a video montage of adoring Obama crowds — with special emphasis on African Americans weeping during the inauguration — and out-of-context quotes from Obama and administration officials that draw implicit parallels to the rise of Hitler: youth brigades, martial law, hoodwinked masses.

The Tea Party of Louisiana will hold its next town hall meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday in the South Regional Library on Johnston Street. The topic is “Obama administration’s so-called Financial Regulatory Reform Proposal.”