Walter Pierce

Reserve to get some TEA Monday

by Walter Pierce

Four of President Barack Obama’s cabinet secretaries may get a less than cordial welcome in Reserve, La., Monday when they make a stop on the administration’s “Rural Tour.”

The call for a road trip to the town hall-style meeting went out over the weekend to members of the Acadiana Tea Party, a conservative group confederated with the Tea Party of Louisiana and similar conspiracy-minded organizations nationwide suspicious of Obama’s plans for health care reform, environmental policy and a host of other initiatives. See the telling video, "The Obama Deception," at TPL's Web site, wherein President John F. Kennedy is identified as the last true American president — subsequent commanders-in-chief are characterized as members of a Wall Street illuminati — and Obama's rise to power is likened to that of Adolf Hitler.

Billed as “a series of discussions on how communities, states, and the federal government can work together to help strengthen rural America,” the Rural Tour stop in St. John the Baptist Parish is branded in the ATP e-mail as a “meeting on the President’s plan to implement a government run health care system.”

Cabinet secretaries Kathleen Sebelius (Health & Human Services), Eric Shinseki (Veterans Affairs), Hilda Solis (Labor) and Tom Vilsack (Agriculture) are scheduled to host the Rural Tour meeting at 11:30 a.m. Monday at the National Guard Readiness Center in Reserve.

Taken verbatim from the e-mail, ATP members are warned:

Be prepared to hear them say “all the right things”. But keep in mind what their true intentions are, both short term and long term, which is to set more government controls and regulations in place which they know will not work because it reduces the empowerment of people while increasing the empowerment of government. But they also know their ideas will sink the United States farther in debt, destroy capitalism and free enterprise, and manipulate people into begging for more and more government to come in and save the day. Socialism by manipulation. Let’s let them know that WE, the people, will not fall for it.