Mary Tutwiler

A little history to make you hungry

by Mary Tutwiler

Remember when you could get a ribeye for $6.50? Medium rare. Or a stuffed flounder filet for $3.95? Flashback to 1972 and pull up a chair at Don’s Seafood and Steakhouse in Morgan City, at the time a sister restaurant to Don’s downtown in Lafayette. The Landry family was expanding their seafood empire, opening restaurants in Beaumont and Houston. Eventually the family would split up their holdings, and the Texas restaurants would be sold. But circa 1972, the same crawfish bisque, $2.75, made with fresh mudbugs from the family’s “crawfish ranch” in Henderson was appearing on every menu.

A mint condition copy of the old menu is online at the Houston Press. It’s as filled with history as it is with seafood, and well worth a gander.