Party Girl

Party Girl 07.22.09

Dan Hare, Ellen Patton and Josie Clavier

Subrata and Mitu Dasgupta

Dr. Jay Culotta, party host

Robin Hebert and Gerd Wuestemann

Rebecca Doucet and Conni Harris Smith

Kay Prejean, Chip Jackson, Jerry Prejean and Dr. Jennifer Jackson

Mary Guidry, Matt Dugas and Richard Young

Mike Crochet and Conni Harris Smith

In mid June PASA held a party at the lovely home of board member and host with the most, Dr. Jay Culotta. The party celebrated Porgy and Bess, George and Ira Gershwin’s American folk opera appearing on the upcoming PASA performance series. Invited guests donned their finest white linen and lounged and mingled at draped tables on the beautifully decorated lawn. The party was a fun way for PASA to introduce the series to the guests in a more intimate environment, as well as an opportunity for them to become new series ticket holders. Soprano Sasha Massey, tenor Brian Egland and baritone Rafael Henry were accompanied by pianist Marcus McCullough as they performed selections from Porgy and Bess to the delight of everyone in attendance. Guests then spent the rest of the party treated to delightful fare, delicious mint juleps, and of course lots of great music.

Party On!