Letters to the Editor


I'm always amused at accusations aimed at the "liberal media" ("IndBox: Bring on a Truth Squad," Dec. 22, 2004). What liberal media? Such a bird is all but extinct, especially in Southwestern Louisiana. Except for the growing call to exit Iraq, barely the hint of a progressive idea has surfaced since the November election.

A dreadful quiet falls over the land. Those brave souls who believed in equal rights for all (no exceptions, including gays) have fallen silent. Some even charge the gay rights movement with the defeat at the polls rather than holding accountable the militant self righteous or the honestly fearful folks who define the correctness of all relationships by their own beliefs. No media coverage there.

Those who were both pro-life and pro-choice have fallen silent ' i.e., the folks for life (who isn't?) but against Big Brother making the choice for us. No media coverage there.

Those who resent the fact that the words "liberal" and "progressive" have been trashed for political gain have fallen silent. They only stand and watch as the right-wing plays again with words, now unfairly redefining "pro-choice" as "pro-abortion." No media coverage there.

Truly, the media (as with all businesses) must make a profit to stay afloat, and the mainstream media probably can't stray too far from the thinking of the people it serves, or it goes broke. That's survival, pure and simple.

So, liberal? I think not. However, in today's climate The Independent does a fine job of giving fair voice to all sides. Keep it up!