Nathan Stubbs

Fleming rallies conservatives on health care

by Nathan Stubbs

What to do when your political adversaries push a health care plan you feel they wouldn’t accept themselves? Offer up a resolution stating that anyone who votes for public option health care reform must sign up for it themselves. That’s the tack taken by U.S. Rep. John Fleming of Minden. The resolution, HR 615, may be DOA in the Democratic-led House, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a rallying cry for conservatives and all the rage on right-wing blog sites and talk radio programs. The Minden Republican and family physician has been on Fox News promoting the idea and has been featured in several national news articles on the health care debate. His resolution now has 60 cosponsors, all Republicans, including La. Reps Charles Boustany, Rodney Alexander and Steve Scalise. It’s worked so well that in the Senate, Republican leaders John McCain and Tom Coburn are now putting together similar good-for-the-gander amendments.