Walter Pierce

Curious word choice: Vitter attacks Melancon ‘LuvFest'

by Walter Pierce

U.S. Rep. Charlie Melancon has yet to officially enter the 2010 Senate race against incumbent David Vitter, but Louisiana’s junior Republican senator is already swatting at the potential — and likely — Democratic challenger from Napoleonville.

Irrefutable proof that irony knows no ideological stripes: the Vitter camp brands Melancon with the dreaded L word in a new TV spot titled “Liberal LuvFest.” That Vitter, whose proverbial collar still bears the lipstick smears of his brush with the D.C. Madam, would use the term LuvFest in attacking Melancon has no doubt raised some eyebrows inside and outside the Beltway. The spot, set to a cheeky, big band soundtrack and depicting Melancon as a bobble-head doll vacationing at Martha's Vineyard and enjoying the quid, the pro and the quo of support for the Obama agenda, leverages the lexicon of the right’s smear lingo: “big-spending,” “big labor,” “trial attorneys,” “Obama,” and, of course, liberal use of “liberal.” Thankfully, Melancon does not appear to pal around with terrorists.

“Sure is swell when you’re a liberal-loving, Obama-endorsing congressman,” the announcer opines jeeringly, mispronouncing the congressman’s name M’LAHN-saw.

Louisiana Democratic Party spokesman Kevin Franck issued the following response to the Vitter ad: "In contrast to the kind of luvfest David Vitter is used to, this trip was legal, public and no money changed hands. As we all remember, the last time David Vitter made public comments about a 'luvfest' he ended up begging for forgiveness."