Leslie Turk

Wood back at KSMB radio group

by Leslie Turk

When Chuck Wood was shown the door more than a decade ago, he likely thought his years with the KSMB radio group were over for good. Within no time, the radio veteran was back on his feet, landing a position with rival Regent Broadcasting. Fast forward to July 2009 and a new owner for the KSMB group, Citadel Broadcasting, and Wood is sitting in his old chair at 202 Galbert Road.

Wood replaces Mary Galyean, who was let go from the stations as general manager in April. Ironically, it was Galyean who took over for Wood 11 years ago when the Powell Group decided to release him. Now that’s a mouthful.

Citadel Broadcasting owns four local stations, 94.5 KSMB, 99.1 KXKC (which it bought from Donald Bonin in 2003), 104.7 KNEK and 95.5 KRRQ, among its more than 120 across the U.S.

Before accepting the GM post at Citadel, Wood was sales director for Regent, which has four FM stations in the market, 99.9 KTDY, 97.3 KMDL, 96.5 KFTE, 105.1 KPEL and two AMs, 1420 KPEL and 960 KROF.

A message left on Wood’s voice mail at the office was not immediately returned this morning.