Nathan Stubbs

The Advocate: Jindal can count on Lafayette reps

by Nathan Stubbs

In an article published yesterday on upcoming legislative report cards due out in the next month, The Advocate mentions its own analysis of which state legislators were Gov. Jindal’s most consistent backers. The paper says it looked at votes on 15 bills crucial to the governor related to balancing the budget and determining which of his office’s records should be made public (the story does not list the votes). The article notes that Jindal was able to rely on steady support from a majority of legislators, and that his two most ardent supporters appear to be a pair of Lafayette legislators:

The Advocate’s tally of votes in support of the governor suggests Jindal was able to get much of the legislation in the form he wanted by relying on 40 Republican House members, nine Democrats and one no-party representative for critical votes

Two Lafayette representatives, state Reps. Page Cortez, a Republican, and Joel Robideaux, who has no party affiliation, of Lafayette, voted with the governor 93 percent of the time on the controversial votes picked by The Advocate. Baton Rouge Reps. Avon Honey, a Democrat and chairman of the House Labor committee; Michael Jackson, who has no party affiliation; and Cedric Richmond, D-New Orleans, supported Jindal the least, casting only 13 percent of their votes for his positions.