Mary Tutwiler

Don't worry, be happy, live to 182

by Mary Tutwiler

Last week, New Iberia celebrated the birthday of a centenarian. Georgiana Marks celebrated her 100th birthday on Wednesday. This week, Max Derouen, also of New Iberia, turns 182. That is, in dog years. The 26 year old terrier-cross, born in 1983, has a birth certificate proving his longevity, lodged in the files of Robichaux Veterinary Clinic in New Iberia. His owner Janelle Derouen is currently awaiting confirmation from the Guiness Book of World Records that Max qualifies as the oldest dog in the world. Is the Bayou Teche the long-sought fountain of youth? Maybe not.The secret of longevity, says Janelle Derouen, is that Max is a very, very laid back dog.