Pooyie! 08.11.2009

Being able to spot morons is good; it makes it easier to avoid them. But when the knuckle heads do all the work for you, it’s priceless. One of our kindred spirits spotted a guy in traffic on Lafayette’s south side who is doing his part to make sure our collective idiot radar doesn’t overheat. There, bold as an August afternoon in the back window of his pick-up, next to the big LSU fleur-de-lis, is a so very clever BUCK OFAMA sticker. And to make sure the implied profanity escapes no one, the F, U, C and K are a bright, unabashed red. Explain that one to your 5-year-old: “Well, Timmy, gee, um, it appears that gentleman wishes someone would, you know, have sex with the president. What’s sex? Um ...”

It’s bad enough that this dip stick is making his pin-headed political statement while also proclaiming fidelity to LSU — Does Mike the Tiger have a BAUL OMAMA placard on his cage in Baton Rouge? — but it is the words surrounding his license plate that really send the fish taco swimming upward: Breaux Bridge Christian Academy. Congratulations Breaux Bridge Christian Academy, you and the F bomb are exploding together in a fiery liberty blossom on some bozo’s Dodge Ram. Would someone please buy the man a set of truck nuts to swing from his trailer hitch?! Our dyspeptic dolt has a third sticker on his rear window: “Fraternal Order of ...” Unfortunately, which fraternal order he belongs to is unclear. Our guess is the Fraternal Order of ...

Clearly this is lodged in our craw. The BUCK OFAMA sticker appears to have been ordered from cafepress.com for five bucks — a small price to pay to broadcast “numb skull” so widely and without effort. There’s even a Web site called buckofama.org, run — we’re guessing, hoping — by a guy named Brick Pastard. But in fairness, the right is not the only wrong here. There is still a BUCK FUSH site on the Web teeming with the same crass dross. Really, kids, our political discourse has to be so ugly? Such a shouting match? Can you imagine a TUCK FRUMAN sticker on the back of an Edsel in 1950? Of course not; Edsels didn’t debut until ’57. But you get the point: Be civil!