Mary Tutwiler

Mow the grass? Baaaaa humbug.

by Mary Tutwiler

Ewe can cut the grass, save the environment, and enjoy an occasional lamb chop, if you play your cards right. The Bayou Teche town of Parks has been using sheep to keep the grass down around the water tower and water treatment pond for over 20 years. Low-tech maintenance being the new new thing, other municipalities might like to shear their costs as well. Unlike power mowers, which break down with age, the herd renews itself, and now Parks has an abundance of rams and lambs to sell. According to The Advocate, the village is accepting sealed bids on 15 sheep through 3 p.m. Friday. One would think Lafayette would be a natural for natural grass control. After all, our founder was named Jean Mouton. For information on placing a bid for the Parks sheep, call 845-4139.