Jeremy Alford

LITE commish to get heavier

by Jeremy Alford

Beginning at midnight, two new members can be added to the board that oversees the Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise Commission. LITE oversees economic development ventures in the region, as well as an unparalleled facility, and a law drafted during the recent legislative session for the political subdivision takes effect Saturday.

Act 49 by Sen. Mike Michot, R-Lafayette, increases the size of LITE’s board from five to seven. In short, the shift adds more local control to the board by providing one additional appointment each to the chairman of the board of the Lafayette Economic Development Authority and the president of UL Lafayette.

Presently, the heads at LEDA and UL can already appoint two members each. The secretary of the Louisiana Department of Economic Development can appoint only one member, which is an authority that goes unchanged under the new law authored by Michot.