Mary Tutwiler

Behind The Shed

by Mary Tutwiler

Yesterday, I reported on The INDsider that The Shed is coming to Scott in November. Turns out it’s not just Mississippi barbecue and blues that will be key ingredients to The Shed’s menu. The Orrison family, owners of The Shed, have teamed up with a pair of New Iberia expats who hail from a  famous cooking lineage. Rene and Debbie Patout, (Rene is first cousin to chef Alex Patout), moved to Ocean Springs, ostensibly to retire, a dozen years ago. But you can’t keep a Cajun out of the kitchen. Rather than puttering in the garden, they opened Rene’s Quality Meats and Cajun Specialties, selling Cajun cooking like gallons of gumbo and homemade boudin, fresh and frozen, to foodies in Ocean Springs.

The Patouts will be  producing The Shed’s signature barbecue sauce, rubs, slaw and mac salad sauces for the five franchises of The Shed. The new joint business, The Saucery, will also be cooking up the Patout’s gumbos and soups like corn and crab, and oyster and artichoke, to serve at The Shed, starting with the new Scott location. Coal to Newcastle? Not likely. A Cajun can’t live by barbecue alone.

Shed owner Brad Orrison is also looking for a few good pieces of junk. His idea of décor is rusty tin, old cars, farm implements and shot-up signs. The location of The Shed is the old Ironhorse Saloon, an 8,000-square-foot barn of a place. So if you’ve got a little or a lot of junk you’d like to unload, contact Brad at  (228) 875-8577. Hold out for a platter of pulled pork in exchange.