Party Girl

Party Girl 09.09.09

There is nothing that Party Girl loves more than everyone getting together for a good cause on a beautiful day. Katie Nicholson, a Lafayette kindergarten teacher, was injured a few weeks ago in a gym accident and suffered major facial trauma as well as the loss of her right eye. So her dear friends immediately formed a posse dubbed “Team Katie,” and quickly put together “Katie’s Wonder Walk” to help out their best buddy. Over 400 people came out to Girard Park to support Katie in her path to recovery. The Saintsations were there to cheer on Katie’s determination, and UFC fighter Tim Credeur was also there signing autographs. After a heartfelt speech to all the people who came out to help, Katie led the way as everyone walked the 1.25 miles behind her, a beautiful visual of the community’s support. After the walk, everyone enjoyed music, food and dancing while celebrating the courageous and inspiring spirit of this true “Wonder Woman!”

Peggy Kraus, Susan Woollen

Kay Laviolette, Brenda Pontiff, Paula Goodman

Flip-flops decorated with “XX” to symbolize Xanadu's 20th anniversary!

Debbie DeGravelle, Aimee Trahan, Kathy Piccione, Brenda Smith

Debbie Sonnier, Katie Bergeron, Lisa Boudreaux (Queen Xanadu XX), Cathy Guidry, Barbara Mallette

Julie McNally, Stephanie McDaniel, Michele Landry, and Paulette Blanchet

Sarah Nicholson and Zoie Nicholson

Susan Langston, Katie Nicholson and Blaise Begnaud

The Wonder Woman herself, Katie Nicholson

Team Katie: Kim Hebert, Brittany Breaux, Amanda Johnson      Conques, Sarah O’Meara Bergeron, Devaney Diamond, Mamie Fredrick Credeur, Hollie Citron, Erin Stutes Soignier, Michelle Courville, Abby Meaux, Katie Nicholson, Mia Melancon Boudreaux, Lindsay Peltier Vella, and Brooke Cappell

Katie Nicholson and the Saintsations

The Team Katie Men: Jared Conques, Jeremy Johnson, Katie Nicholson, Brent Bergeron, Stephen Landry

The Krewe of Xanadu recently held a fall social in preparation for its 2010 ball, and to get everyone together for some fun. With a “Sangria and Sandals” theme, it was appropriately held at Guamas restaurant downtown. New members were warmly welcomed by the seasoned veterans with colorful sombreros, which they happily sported. Adding to their festive look were personally designed flip-flops in all different colors and designs that the talented Krewe members made themselves! There was lots of pink, of course, as it is Xanadu’s signature color, and double Xs in honor of Xanadu’s 20-year anniversary.