Walter Pierce

It's a wrap; LCG budget process winding down

by Walter Pierce

The Lafayette Consolidated Council is set to wrap-up the five-week process of finalizing the 2009-2010 budget with a wrap-up session set for 4 p.m. today at City Hall. The process began July 30 with the introduction of City-Parish President Joey Durel’s proposed budget, and has included seven public hearings in which council members combed through the nearly $600 million budget. A public-comment meeting last week was sparsely attended.

Anticipated topics Tuesday afternoon include $400,000 for jump starting the comprehensive master plan as well as roughly $450,000 in funding for non-governmental organizations like Festival International and 232-HELP. Council members have attached numerous amendments to Durel’s budget, most of which were objected to by fellow council members, meaning the council will have to vote individually on those amendments and all but ensuring an arduous finalization process. Durel has threatened to veto many of those amendments, which would require a 6-3 vote to override.

A second wrap-up session will be held Wednesday if necessary.