Walter Pierce

Mary quite contrary: Is Landrieu on the take?

by Walter Pierce

No clear signal yet from Sen. Mary Landrieu on whether she will support a health care reform bill, if any, that emerges from Congress. But she has been one of the most critical Democratic voices of legislation that includes the so-called public option, telling CNN last month, “I would tend not to support it.”

That skepticism has landed her on The Daily Beast’s “health care enablers” short list — members of the Senate Finance Committee, most of them Dems, who have received hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in campaign contributions from health- and insurance-industry groups. In Landrieu’s case, the figure comes to roughly $840,000 since 2003. TDB’s Benjamin Sarlin’s take: “Landrieu also faces pressure from the right in her conservative state to oppose a Democratic bill. With her red-state seat never fully safe, Landrieu needs whatever help she can get from industry donations even if re-election isn’t on the immediate horizon.”

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