Nathan Stubbs

Landrieu open to public option ‘fallback'

by Nathan Stubbs

Sen. Mary Landrieu appeared on "This week with George Stephanopoulos" Sunday for a round table on President Obama’s proposed health care overhaul. Landrieu re-iterated that she would not be in support of mandating creation of a "public option" – a government-run health insurance alternative meant to increase competition. However, asked if she could support a so-called "trigger," where a public option would be created only in the event that private insurers fail to provide adequate, affordable coverage, Landrieu said she would consider it with the caveat that the private sector be given “a great opportunity to get this right.” I hope that we can agree that we’ve got to have a reformed market where individuals can buy insurance that’s affordable. Where small businesses get a chance. These small businesses, 27 million of them, George, are basically out on their own… I can support potentially a fallback, but only if the private sector is allowed and given a great opportunity to get this right. I believe they can.

Watch video of the discussion here.