Mary Tutwiler

Who let the wiener dogs out?

by Mary Tutwiler

Think you’re a big dog when it comes to wieners? It’s time to strut your stuff. The IceGators hockey team is back, and to kick off the season opener, or rather night two of the season opening weekend series (wonder what’s on the menu for night one? Gator on a stick?), the IceGators are hosting a hot dog cooking contest.

No head scratching when it comes to the rules: 
â- Ingredients must be readily available.
â- Recipes must be easy to prepare and include as few ingredients as possible.
â- Final cost to prepare product must be under $2.
â- And of course must taste good!

The winner’s wiener will light up the Jumbo Tron at Blackham Coliseum, and the Top Dog chef will receive an IceGator’s T-shirt and two free tickets to the season opening series. The rest of the contest seems to be going to the dogs.

Here’s the operative sentence from the press release:

The winner’s hot dog will be thrown to lucky fans in the stands during the second night of the IceGators’ season opener series, Hot Dog! The IceGators are back!

What? Don’t throw no hot dog, especially no chili dog on me. I guess I just don’t get hockey.

To enter, give your recipe a clever and original name, include a list of ingredients,
detailed cooking instructions and a short (50 words or less) sales pitch explaining what makes your hot dog a winner. Five recipes will be selected from the online entries to participate in the ï¬Ânals. Finalists will be required to prepare hot dogs and submit them for a  taste test judging on Oct. 2. Judges will taste each hot dog and score on taste, name and originality. Send submissions to [email protected] or to Top Dog Chef Contest, 2815 Johnston St., Lafayette, LA 70503, before Oct. 1. Include name, e-mail address, recipe title, ingredients, directions and sales pitch.