Party Girl

Party Girl 09.16.09

A record crowd packed Cajun Field

The Ragin’ Cajuns cheerleaders

Kevin Daigle and Carole Daigle

Allison Adams

Cheryl Comeaux and Brent Comeaux

Future Ragin Cajuns Cody Credeur, Alli Daigle and Shelby Bordes

Brian McCall and Glenn McCall

Caitlin Eisenheart, Lindsey Rue and Morgan Comeaux

Elizabeth Sandridge, Charlene Judice and Sarah Mele

Party Girl loves waking up to that ever so slight chill in the morning because it can only mean one thing — football season! And I do so love my Ragin’ Cajuns! This season started out with a bang as a record crowd of 41,357 packed Cajun Field to witness UL and Southern’s first-ever meeting on Sept. 5. Tailgaiting was a blast, as usual, and there was no shortage of great food to eat. Gumbo, boudin, burgers, sausage, and hot dogs were plentiful, and I was greeted at every turn with a cold beer (too bad I couldn’t buy it in the stadium — what was that all about?). It was Southern hospitality (pun intended) at its finest. Putting the cherry on my sundae, the Cajuns dominated our neighbors to the east and enjoyed a 42-19 victory, sending Party Girl and every other UL fan into a frenzy of excitement. Keep it coming boys!