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Goldberg: ‘Battler from the Bayou is awesome'

Tim “Crazy” Credeur’s first loss in the Ultimate Fighting Championship was not really a loss. Airing on Spike TV last night (Wednesday, Sept. 16), the Lafayette fighter and his opponent Nate Quarry were the evening’s first fight, but stole the show. Though not enough to take home a victory, Credeur’s performance earned him the respect of the fans in attendance and the UFC commentators, with Mike Goldberg remarking, “(This) battler from the bayou is awesome!”

Credeur and Quarry went three full rounds, after which Quarry took a decision victory. Credeur dominated the first round — keeping a steady stream of combos flying at Quarry. After landing a big right hand, he bloodied Quarry and immediately took control with a rear naked choke. However, Credeur could not force Quarry to submit. As the second round began, it started to look like a repeat of the first with Credeur backing Quarry into a corner before Quarry hit a big right hand to Credeur’s jaw. When he hit the mat, it looked like Credeur would fall victim to a savage, unrelenting ground attack, as he spent almost the entire second and third rounds on his back. The only thing keeping Credeur alive was his sick Brazilian jiu-jitsu game (the only Louisiana BJJ black belt).

In the last two rounds, Credeur defined defense and almost locked in a few submissions. After the match, it was hard to tell which of the fighters got the worst end of the deal: Quarry sported a half swollen-shut eye and Credeur a mouse-sized lump on his jaw. A battered but not beaten Credeur remained positive and showed promise that the decision loss would not slow his UFC future. “Crazy Tim’s coming back baby!” he promised the cheering crowd.

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