Party Girl

Party Girl 09.23.09

The Independent Weekly staff can wield a bat as well as a pen, as we showed off our athletic prowess at Comeaux field against The Krewe of Doom on a recent Friday evening. Branding ourselves the “Independent Weeklings,” we managed to overtake our worthy adversaries with a narrow win at 7-6. Of course, it would have been 7-4 if our first baseman, staff writer Nathan Stubbs, hadn’t thought that it was three outs (when it was really two, OK so we were playing extra innings to let ’em catch up, but still) as he held the ball in one hand and his drink in the other and bantered with the first base coach while two Krewe of Doomers crossed home plate. However, it should be noted that he never spilled a drop of his beverage in the process, so kudos Mr. Stubbs! He knows what’s important. The Krewe of Doom may have left with bruised egos, but Party Girl left with a bruised and banged up knee that stopped throbbing after a few celebratory beers…and shots. The Krewe of Doom has since vowed revenge on the Weeklings. Bring it on Doom! (And if anyone else dares to challenge us, contact our fearless leader, coach/manager Walter Pierce, at [email protected] ).

Party On!

Amanda Newbery and Odie Terry

Walter Pierce getting rough housed by the opponents

Chris Fisher and Brenda Fisher

Maria Capritto, Tim Lambert and Drew Landry

Jason Roy, Bobbijo Vittorio and Odie Terry

Our vivacious cheerleaders kept everyone in high spirits!

Amanda Newbery, Leslie Turk and Stephanie Patton

Nathan Stubbs in all his grandeur

The glory that is the "Independent Weeklings!"