Leslie Turk

La.'s 2008 median income fastest growing

by Leslie Turk

While it’s highly likely 2009 may throw all of these numbers out of kilter, it’s now clear that before the economic slowdown hit this year, Louisiana had the fastest growing median household income in the country. CNNMoney reported that this increase, from $40,926 in 2007 to $43,733, may be the result of federal dollars still flowing into the state from Hurricane Katrina. The U.S. Census Bureau released the figures last week.

Maryland was tops in the country with a median income of $70,545, though keep in mind it has a high cost of living. And while Louisiana’s income was growing, the state remained part of a cluster of southern states —  including Mississippi (which was last), West Virginia, Arkansas, Kentucky and Alabama — comprising the group of lowest-earners.

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