Letters to the Editor


Keep up the good work ("The Delusional Daily Advertiser," March 28)! I stopped reading The Daily Advertiser months ago due to its strong political bias and lack of news coverage. Your commentary on The Advertiser's request that John Breaux not run for governor was appropriate and very revealing.

First, they praise Breaux for his bi-partisan record, then ask that he not run as that would lead to a nasty and heated fight. Well, now, really? Is that not unexpected in most, if not all, campaigns? It's a shame that a progressive city like Lafayette, with all the brain power there, has to suffer such a close-minded little daily paper like The Advertiser. What a waste and a loss for the city and its people. However, The Independent has taken up the slack, thank goodness. You brought us the horse farm story, in several issues, and the story of the UL Art Museum's loss of its much admired director, Mr. Mhire. A great big thank you, and please keep right on doing what you're doing ' really informing us.