Party Girl

Party Girl 10.07.09

Erica Trahan gets her makeup done by artist Emlee Prevot

Kasey Pok, owner Christy Klenert and Brandi Rogers

Christine Demette and Sherry Savoie stock up

Erica Trahan and Beth Ryan pick out some tunes

Adorable (and delicious) cupcakes with the Dollface logo

Johanna Villarreal and Emlee Prevot

Jennifer and Jimmy Lewis

Party Girl decided to go and check out the Grand Opening of Dollface Salon in Broussard. I mean, how could I possibly pass up a celebration with food, cocktails, makeup, jewelry, clothes and bath products? It was a gal’s dream come true! Not to mention, the place is absolutely adorable. Each room has a different color scheme, ranging from Tiffany blue to pink to yellow, all accented with pretty chandeliers and quirky decorations. I loved how instead of rows of salon chairs there are actually separate rooms for lovely ladies to get pampered in. They have a cool jukebox in the waiting area to play some tunes, too. All the guests in attendance were treated to mini makeovers and discounts on products. Next time I need to get dolled up for a party, Party Girl is going to Dollface!