Walter Pierce

Also sprach Rickey: Lafayette rep quoted by Leno

by Walter Pierce

In last night’s “Headlines” segment — a review of funny newspaper headlines and ads — on The Jay Leno Show on NBC, state Rep. Rickey Hardy of Lafayette got 15 seconds of fame.

“Our politicians are always available when you need a good quote,” Leno said in setting up the bit. “Rep. Rickey Hardy, Democrat of Lafayette, ‘If you think education is expensive, try ignorancy.’” Leno failed to mention which Lafayette — Louisiana? Indiana? Pennsylvania? — Hardy represents, and the quote got only a tepid smattering of chuckles.

According to Hardy’s office, which made fellow state lawmakers aware of the quote’s use by Leno, “I hope you are all aware of the sarcasm intended by Rep. Hardy with his tongue in cheek use of a non word to illustrate his points concerning education in our state.”

See it here, at 40:09 in the episode.