Letters to the Editor


Much kudos for your recent articles on the LUS fiber optics proposal. If the Lafayette electorate is to vote on this project, accurate quality information must be supplied to this electorate for intelligent decision-making.

This will require a level of technical economic sophistication few possess realistically about this vital layer of "wealth generation" for our present and future household income.

May we suggest the following series of concrete ideas to aid in this daunting task. How does LUS differ in their product value proposition from BellSouth & Cox Communications? What is the distinction between a consumer of information and a producer of information?

Pay attention to download speed rate, time frame, quantity of datum, and more importantly, upload speed rate. The value proposition of LUS permits one to derive household income by downloading information data, adding value to this information by acquired knowledge-base skills and intelligence, and uploading this homebase work product. This is the knowledge economy!

Note that our young children are presently playing with their PlayStation 2 video games. They are inadvertently acquiring psycho-motor domain skills and affection domain skills; also, they are learning a portion of cognitive domain computer skills. This is exactly how 40 percent of them will be staying alive in nature to derive cash income to support their many and various lifestyles within the next 20 years.

Observe BellSouth and Cox representing technological "lock-in" with their value proposition. They take cash out of the households by locking you into their consumer speed rates, etc. They do not permit one to be a producer of knowledge in any meaningful sense.

The soft power of our local television stations, teachers and holy men must aid the town fathers in protecting this vital source of new household income, if our brilliant technological community is to reap the economic benefits of the knowledge economy.