Party Girl

Party Girl 10.21.09

Party On!

Doug and Erin Spisak take a “break” with Howard DeRouen

Kathryn Perry, Steve Domingue, Jeanie Simon-Domingue and Clyde Tauzin

Don Landry and Mary Beth Lowry dance off some of those Brazilian calories

Dale Owens, Colleen Owens, Charles Altmann and Lisa Altmann

Mike Munnerlyn, Lydia Degueyter, Monica Onebane, Kim Trahan and Jackie Munnerly

Rio members help themselves to the delicious food at the Rodizio

Tim Oliver, Michelle Domingue, Lisa Oliver, Duane Delhomme, Joey Domingue and Sandra Delhomme take time out between eating and dancing

Rio Crest

The Krewe of Carnivale en Rio celebrated its 5th Anniversary with a “Spring Rodizio” at Acadian Village. Rodizio (Portuguese for free buffet of much meat) is similar to our Cajun culture of a good old-fashioned barbeque. Pounds of grilled meat along with traditional side dishes provided for a delectable afternoon for the krewe. Fortunately the weather cooperated, and “membros” got a chance to meet and greet their “placa de directores” (board of directors). Krewe float captains and lieutenants participated in the actual cooking and grilling under the direction of Jeanie Simon-Domingue (tenente festa/party lieutenant). Members were also able to bring a guest to this end of the season function. This gave a chance for prospective “membros” to see and experience the “Brazilian Krewe.” The Rio Carnival Ball will be held in Lafayette at the Cajundome Convention Center on Saturday, Jan. 9, 2010.