Nathan Stubbs

LUS Fiber to be citywide by July 2010

by Nathan Stubbs

LUS Fiber will be available to all residents and busineses within the city limits by July 2010. LUS initially said it would be two years from the time it began serving its first customers till the service would be available citywide. LUS Fiber launched in February of this year. LUS Director Terry Huval says contractors for the fiber build-out are now installing lines at a faster than anticipated pace, which has moved the project ahead of schedule. In an email response to The Indsider, Huval writes, "Refinement of the engineering design and construction process and the fast and excellent work by our contract crews are helping us bring our services to market much faster than we previously estimated. This means more citizens and businesses will be able to purchase LUS Fiber services sooner, a development that will save more customers money and increase LUS Fiber revenues faster than previously projected."

In other LUS news, The Advertiser reports that LUS Fiber is now serving business customers in approximately 20 percent of the city. Huval adds, "We already have a long list of businesses interested in purchasing these services from us. We will have an account executive and a member of our engineering group meet with each interested business customer to help ensure a smooth transition. Interested customers can contact us at 99-FIBER."