Walter Pierce

Stonecipher cuts to the chase: Census part of Dem plot

by Walter Pierce

Conservative Shreveport demographer Elliott Stonecipher, a vocal opponent of the U.S. Census Bureau’s plan to draw no distinction between citizens and non-citizens including illegal immigrants in next year’s census, has upped the ante in his latest e-mail newsletter, accusing Democrats of hatching a plan to turn non-citizens into a powerful new voting block.

Stonecipher contends — and Political Science 101 supports — that counting everyone in the country including non-citizens will favor states like California and Texas with high numbers of undocumented migrant workers and will, conversely, lead to states with low non-citizen populations like Louisiana losing seats in Congress. Today, Stonecipher took his argument one step further:
Here’s the deal. The White House says that sometime next Spring, President Obama will roll-out his immigration “reform” plan. We can now bet from this over-the-top craziness from the Left about counting non-citizens in the census that his plan will quickly grant legal status to undocumented migrants in the country, just as we can now bet that his plan will grant virtually simultaneous voter registration to these new citizens, sort of a super-charged “Motor-Voter” provision. Unlike that Democrat device from President Clinton back in the early 90s, however, this one takes it all the way. Since 75% or more of undocumented migrants are expected to vote for Democrats, not the least of whom will be President Obama in his 2012 re-election, this will be a nightmare trifecta for American traditionalists:  those in the country illegally will be simultaneously given citizenship, voter registration, and a front-of-the-queue slot to vote to re-elect President Obama.