Mary Tutwiler

Put on your drinking shoes

by Mary Tutwiler

cause it’s gonna be a drinkin’ weekend.

Over at Pamplona Tapas Bar, the 1920s are roaring back into cocktail glasses. Bartenders have been honing their skills on beautifully balanced cocktails like the Aviation, Corpse Reviver, Vieux Carre, Sazarac, The Last Word, and the sexy Sidecar. Pamplona’s bartenders brew their own ginger beer for Dark and Stormys, and lately, the back bar has begun to resemble an alchemist shop, filled with tincture of violet and elder flower essence, subtle notes that make these cocktails taste like the decadent decade when Prohibition was smashing the whiskey barrels. Saturday, Nov. 14, following ArtWalk, the Cocktail Revival begins at 10 p.m. Don your best flapper attire and get a free cocktail, or pace your drinking, there are half-price drink specials every half hour. Call Pamplona at 232-0070 for details.

Once you’re back on your feet on Sunday, slip on your Ray Bans and slide over to Marcello’s Wine Market Cafe. Gene Todaro is hosting his annual Grand Tasting. That’s 100 bottles of wine. Let Marcello’s take you around the world, from the passion fruit power of the sauvignon blancs of New Zealand to the black pepper and red currant seduction of a big California zin. A little Louis Prima, some Sicilian specialities and super retail deals are all on the ticket. $30 in advance, $40 at the door. Call Marcello’s at 235-1002 for more info.