Letters to the Editor


I purchased my camp [on Cypremort Point] in 1974, 31 years ago, and the land was not for sale then or now ("Point Taken," April 27). The three-year lease then was $180 per year, increasing every three years until 1999 when it became $1,000 per year. I have paid more than $18,000 in lease payments, brought in 10 loads of dirt, installed a $3,000 sewer system and spent more than $500 maintaining the private road which provides access to my camp. Did you know that CPI pays the taxes on all of their properties, and then passes on to us individually, our share of the tax?

I am now 80 years of age. My income is about half of what it was 10 years ago, and expenses such as medication and doctors' bills are ever increasing. What I once thought would be a haven to retire has now become a weight around my neck. I cannot sell to anyone as my new lease amount is $6,000 per year. To move my camp would cost more than I am willing to pay, plus the expense of buying a lot to put the structure on. All of us tenants are in a catch-22 situation.

Thank you for your very comprehensive article.