Leslie Turk

Cajundome's Davis' $80m wish list

by Leslie Turk

Cajundome Director Greg Davis has a lengthy wish list of improvements for the nearly 25-year-old facility. Davis presented the Cajundome Commission with $80 million in renovations and maintenance yesterday and said he hopes to issue bonds next year to fund some of the most extensive capital improvements since the dome opened, The Advocate reported today.

Davis said the list will have to be pared down significantly, but the first step is a financial assessment to determine how much money the dome might be eligible to borrow.

“When we know what the number is, then we have to start deciding,” Davis said.

He said the bond would be repaid with hotel and motel sales tax collections that the state gives to the Cajundome.

Some of that money is already pledged to existing debt, but Davis said about $800,000 to $1.3 million a year would be available for new bonds.

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