Letters to the Editor


After reading the recent article "Growing Pains" (Jan. 17) by Nathan Stubbs, I was wondering how many people in Lafayette really want to hold River Ranch up as a model for future city development? The streets are too narrow for the mammoth vehicles Americans drive these days, and parking is a headache. The horse farm is a green area, not the little patches of grass they call parks in River Ranch. I am sure Lincoln, Neb., must be paradise, however the low temperature there will be 13 degrees tonight.

I agree the roads in Lafayette are in bad shape and seem to be getting worse faster since the sales tax election. The promotion for the tax increase was unconvincing, and we all just took a major hit from our friends in the insurance industry (and the state) after being missed by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. In addition, the city council's behavior this past year did not exactly instill a great deal of faith in the citizenry. Why is it the taxpayers' obligation to pay for road infrastructure to enhance the profitability of developments in outlying areas? It seems like the developers and home buyers should cover at least part of this cost. I feel sorry for the long-term residents of Youngsville and Broussard who have been overrun by development running amok; however, people who moved to these areas during the past 10 years knew exactly what they were getting into with regards to traffic congestion.

In spite of these issues, Lafayette still has so much to offer and remains my paradise.