Party Girl

Party Girl 11.25.09

The adorable UL baseball hat cake

The birthday girls, Trish Trahan and Becky Morvant

Lindy Grier and Brady Grier

John Morvant (too busy watching the game to even take a pic!), Donel Trahan and Todd Latiolais

Ali Roberts, Monica Resweber and Christine Daigle

Val and Jimmy Ardoin, and Clarence and Verna Ardoin

Chris Allain, Pete and Tracy Yuan, and Dr. Edward Breaux

Tim Supple, Kathy Boudreaux, Dr. Ann Laurent and Molly Mouton

Brandon and Sarah Hyde, and Jhan and Paul Beaullieau

Kathy Bobbs, Margaret and Keith Trahan, and Ken Bobbs

Pete and Tracy Yuan, and Jonathan and Maria Landreth

Kat and Eric Movassaghi

IberiaBank electric guitar ice luge for IberiaBank-tinis

Pat Trahan, Jerry Prejean, and Angela and Glaston Bernard

Party Girl attended the dual birthday party of Trish Gautreaux Trahan and Becky Myers Morvant. Family and friends gathered together at La Hacienda in Broussard to celebrate the birthdays of these two best buds with great Mexican food and, of course, plenty of margaritas and many shots of tequila. Good thing the party was held in the bar area, because while the girls gabbed and opened presents, the guys were glued to the sports games playing on the many televisions. Since Becky and Trish are both obsessed with UL baseball, the cake was a pink UL baseball hat, with a baseball, pom pons and season tickets. After everyone feasted on fajitas, quesadillas, and nachos (and of course, pink cake) the party moved to Frozen Sun and then Legends on Pinhook, where more friends and more fun awaited the birthday girls.