Leslie Turk

Ping club-fitting van coming to golfballs.com Friday

by Leslie Turk

The PING Fitting Van, a state-of-the-art mobile facility that assists golfers with proper fitting of clubs for their style of play, is making a special visit to the Golfballs.Com’s retail outlet at 126 Arnould Blvd. Friday from noon to 4 p.m.

The van, which travels across the U.S., provides fitting services free of charge to any golfer. “It’s without question the best way to be professionally fitted with the proper clubs for your game,” says Golfballs.com’s Jamie McNamara. “We will have knowledgeable, professional fitters on hand, guys that actually come from the company and build the clubs.”

The facility utilizes advanced video and computer technology that analyzes a player’s swing, and the fitters take that information and recommend particular clubs and shafts using a wide range of different factors. “It’s definitely state-of-the-art technology,” McNamara adds. “They use their in-flight system and swing analyzer and can give the best fitting that’s in our industry. No other company can do what PING does when it comes to club manufacturing. They’re the number one selling iron in our store.”

For more info on the PING Fitting Van, call (337) 210-4653.