Walter Pierce

Staring a jinx in the face

by Walter Pierce

It’s now inescapable — we’re all eating the cheese, save for Saints head coach Sean Payton, who maintains the team has to “earn it on the field.” But even quarterback Drew Brees, he of the calculated answers and one-game-at-a-time mantra, is staring doe-eyed into the camera and using words like “destiny” and “karma.” This week, Gov. Bobby Jindal predicted the Saints would go 19-0!

It has built to a crescendo, picked up on by sports writers nationwide. Saints merchandise is selling out everywhere; the minions clamber onto the bandwagon, jostling for position amid mind-numbing chants of “who dat?!!!” And we lifelong Saints fans who enjoy the feast but never forget the famine get a little uneasy as Lady Fate looks down upon us with a dubious, raised eyebrow.

Here’s the latest dare against destiny, “Hey Now, Who Dat?,” a tight reworking of an old Professor Longhair song. Lafayette native Louis Leggett plays piano and wrote the lyrics. The song features Lafayette singer Charlene Howard Folse and Pershing Wells on guitar and drums. The tune was recorded at Digital Sac-a-lait Studios in Houma. Marc Riviere compiled the Saints highlights.