Party Girl

Party Girl 12.09.09

As much as Party Girl loves partying, the most fun times are usually spent at intimate gatherings of close family and friends. Ira and Barbara Oertling had their family in town for Thanksgiving, so they all decided to take a little venture together. Luckily, Ira and Barbara’s son Steven and his wife Karen recently bought a camp on Long Beach, which was a perfect opportunity for a mini trip. They all spent the day surf fishing and Michael, Steven’s brother from Tampa, caught an impressive 40-pound red fish. From the looks of it, Michael better watch out because little Deuce Wiggins (Steven’s and Karen’s grandson) looks like he is well on his way to becoming an avid fisherman himself!

The BBR Creative team got all gussied up for its 11th Beer Bash.

Elisabeth Arnold, Andre Moreau and Meg Chase

Cathi Pavy, Cherie Hebert and Sara Ashy toast the clients, vendors and friends who have supported them in the past year.

Dupré Logistics’ Tom Voelkel and his wife Louise pose in the photo booth at the BBR Beer Bash.

Jady Regard of Cane River Pecan Co. and Louisiana Living gets into the spirit of the Beer Bash with his wife Olivia.

Burt Durand shows off one of his talents as guests enter the Beer Bash.

Jesse Guidry dances with Denise Gallagher at the Beer Bash.

Deuce Wiggins

Steven Oertling and Deuce Wiggins

Deuce Wiggins

Karen Oertling and Deuce Wiggins

Michael Oertling and his 40-lb. redfish

Always ones to throw a grand affair, BBR Creative recently hosted its 11th annual Beer Bash, an elaborate celebration for clients, vendors, friends and family of the Lafayette-based advertising and marketing agency. The company’s eponymous blonde, brunette and redhead — Cathi Pavy, Cherie Hebert and Sara Ashy — hosted the party and truly outdid themselves once again. This year, the Bash was hosted at Abacus with a fun and festive carnival theme. Flame jugglers, stilt walkers, a magician and fortune teller were on hand to entertain and wow the large turnout of guests. In addition to the delicious main dishes, there were also mountains of carnival treats, such as candied apples, popcorn and cotton candy to munch on.