Leslie Turk

Send us your Saints rituals!

by Leslie Turk

We’re stealing the idea from our friends at The Times-Picayune, which got way more than it bargained for when it asked readers to send in their Saints rituals and superstitions. Here’s a sample:
I wear my Saints bikinis, Saints bra, Saints sox, Saints shirt, Saints jeans, Saints beads, Saints bracelet, Saints earrings. I sit in the same chair, drink my Saints cocktail, wear Saints black-and-gold eye shadow. And, when the Saints score I do my victory dance - a rendition of Travolta’s “Saturday Night Live” and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” WHO DAT, INDEED! - Nina Tyler My little brother wears his Saints Mardi Gras Beads. My husband wears his Saints dog-tag necklace. Gambit (the dog) wears his Saints bandana. It’s cold here in Atlanta and I have been wearing my favorite purple fuzzy socks since the first game (not on purpose); this has now become a staple. I also layer up and wear my black Charles Grant jersey and black leggings. It looks like I’ll be in Miami, layered up in the heat, in all black and purple fuzzy socks, just like I’ve done the last 11 games on my couch! - Holly_Grove
I wasn’t able to watch the first two games of the season, so my friends have told me not to watch the rest of them because they’re winning. Its the first year I haven’t watched at least one game. I turned it on once this season and they started making mistakes ... I won’t ever make that mistake again. So now I just continuously check the score on my phone. - Kacie
Read the rest of the T-P story here.

We’re asking Acadiana Saints fans to do the same. Please post your rituals in the comments section below by Friday. If you’d like, though it’s not necessary, include an e-mail address or contact number in case we want to call you for more info. If you want to submit via e-mail (and include a picture if you’d like), send it to Leslie Turk at [email protected] We’ll choose the best of the best and publish them in The Independent Weekly as part of an upcoming story on the team that has given New Orleans, the state and now the country a reason to BELIEVE!