Walter Pierce

Change of plans; Reid cancels, ACORN in sights

by Walter Pierce

Tea party groups across south Louisiana are making some adjustments to their itinerary after U.S. Sen. Harry Reid apparently bailed on a fundraiser planned for Saturday in New Orleans. It’s unclear why Reid cancelled — Sen. Mary Landrieu was hosting the event to raise money for Reid — or if he even cancelled; he may have simply caught wind of the tea party protest and the senators moved the event elsewhere.

In an e-mail update to Acadiana Tea Party members Friday afternoon, organizer Glenn Ellerbe informs the patriots that all is not lost and the group will still convoy to New Orleans on Saturday with members of the Baton Rouge Tea Party: “[E]veryone has agreed that we are still going to do our thing!!! Someone mentioned possibly protesting the ACORN Headquarters which is also on that same St. Charles Street.”